VIDEO: Northern Territory’s Amazing Wildlife

David’s Been Here is touring all of the top websites and biggest attractions in the Northern Hemisphere of Australia. In this movie, David brings us to the greatest concentration of saltwater crocodiles in the whole world: home into the Adelaide River. These animals have among the bite forces of any creature and are around 230 […]

5 Things to Watch in Kandy, Sri Lanka

One hundred and twenty nine km northeast of Colombo lies Kandy. Historically called Sri Lanka’s”hilly city,” Kandy is readily accessed by car via the Colombo-Kandy Road. Kandy called Senkadagalapura, served as the previous capital of Sri Lanka’s last monarchy that lasted before agreeing to rule in 1815. Arthur Seat Kandy Lake Unlike the island’s west […]

The Pitons of St. Lucia (Photo Essay)

I picked St. Lucia because my honeymoon destination for several reasons, but most importantly since the island is well known to be one of those Caribbean’s most beautiful gems. It is covered in vegetation, dotted with quaint cities and includes miles of pristine coastline, complete with sprawling ocean views at every turn. But of all […]

5 Things You Have to Do In Rome

Having a rich history which dates back over 2,700 years, an intriguing culinary scene which attracts food enthusiasts from around the planet, and spiritual roots which have prospered since ancient times, it’s no surprise that the Eternal City of Rome, sometimes called La Città Eterna, is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the […]