What to Watch and Eat in Ourense

Ourense is a town known for its many hot springs and this Ourense province’s funds. The ancient Romans were the people who left behind some of their buildings which resonate the power they once had within the town they called Aquae Aurente although there’s evidence showing that the area has been inhabited since the Paleolithic […]

Top 10 Things

The city of Shillong, India is of a hidden jewel among mountains, the hills, and valleys of the state of Meghalaya. There are loads of things to see and do in Shillong, between its all-natural geography, its bustling markets, along with the culture and traditions of its people. It is a small city but exudes […]

11 Instagram Photos of Meteora Landscapes

Meteora, Greece is a property blessed with otherworldly rock formations and landscapes.  In September 2015 I had the opportunity to see and shoot a couple Instagram photographs of Meteora, which I shared onto Instagram with my buddies. In case you missed it, here are some Instagram pictures of epic opinions Meteora’s landscapes, along with sky-high […]

Dubai: The Best of Water, Desert and Snow

Dubai is one of the most flourishing destinations in the Middle East and one of the most loved tourist areas throughout the world. The city has built entire record carrying architectures including colossal artificial islands visible from space. The Best of Water Wild Wadi Waterpark One of the significant reasons for the popularity of Dubai […]

Top 10 Things

A visit to the town of Amritsar is a feast for the senses. Of the many things to see and do in Amritsar, immersing yourself into every adventure that comes your way is essential. This town, located only 15 kilometers east of the Pakistani border in the state of Punjab, is the nation’s largest. Founded […]