About Ethiopia

About Ethiopia

Ethiopia, a Land of Many Wonders and warm hospitality Ethiopia is truly a tourist paradise- beautiful, secretive, mysterious and extraordinary.
Situated in the northeastern part of the African continent, between longitudes of 330 and 480E and latitudes 30 and 150 covering a total area of 1,112,000sqm, Ethiopia is referred by geologists as one of the planet’s earliest formed land. Ethiopia has been known by different names such as Abyssinia, Land of Habesha and Ethiopia.
As a home of most famous hominid fossils, scene of beginning of crop production and being endowed with rich and varied potentials of cultural and natural treasures, and land of myth and hidden secrets, Ethiopia is described as “an Open Air Museum.” As one of the oldest countries of the world with exceptional natural beauty, source of the Blue Nile and home of rich mosaic culture, the country captivate attentions of the whole world. It’s an ideal place for a journey of life time experience of natural environment, religious, historical and anthropological sites, practices and performing arts.

Ethiopia is known, not only for these archaeological discoveries but also for its unique geography, climate, culture and history. Endowed with impressive landscapes, with contrasting beauty and deep gorges, valleys, mountain peaks, several lakes and rapid waterfalls, hot and cold, holy and mineral waters, healthy and temperate climate, the country attracts visitors from all parts of the world.

Above all things, it is a country of great antiquity, with a culture and traditions dating back more than 3, 000 years.
Among the heart breaking attractions of Ethiopia, an astonishing sites of World heritages registered by UNSECO- Like LALIBELA: the eighth unofficial world wonder that is known by live 11 rock hewn churches, the Castle of Fasiledes: GONDER, Semien Mountains National Park: where to view the most beautiful mountain scenery in Africa, AXUM: where the majestic standing monolithic obelisks stand , The LOWER OMO valley: largest diversity of ethnically different groups possibly in Africa resides and HARAR: the walled city are to mention some.

Uniqueness of Ethiopia:

• Leading Africa, holding largest number (9) World Heritage Sites registered by UNESCO
• Cradle of human origin (for the discovery of Lucy, Selam, Ardi… )
• Use own alphabet and calendar
• Place of 13 months of sunshine (All year round)
• A home of Coffee originates
• Massively endowed with endemic plants & wild animals
• Peculiar geographical feature (it’s said the roof of Africa, Water tower of Africa…)
• Sanctuary of the Ark of Covenant
• Ethnic diversity
• Holds diplomatic center of Africa (OAU), in its capital Addis Ababa