Lalibela The 2nd Jerusalem

The town of Lalibela is found 776 kms north of Addis Ababa. The most peaceful dynasty, Zagwe achieved its glory during the time of King Lalibela (1205 – 1225). The Zagwe kings were dedicated in spiritual lifes. The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are still a source of inspiration and hope for Ethiopian Christianity, as they are considered comparable significance to those in Jerusalem.

Rock hewn churches of Lalibela surprise visitors they are not only registered as world heritage site by UNESCO, but also considered as the eighth unofficial world wonder. Eleven amazing rock hewn churches, in one compound, sculpted out of solid volcanic rock, and surprisingly connected with tunnels under ground, couch the attentions of visitors. Among the churches, Bete Mariam, dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary is considered as built first and most internally decorated church among others.
Of the 11 rock-hewn churches, Bete Giyorgis is the most elegant cross-shaped one. Its cruciform plan, proper orientation, harmonized proportion and decorations are features that distinguish it. It is considered as built last.

An incredible church of Lalibela makes Bill Clinton, the former USA president to thank God for giving him the chance to see it.

These extraordinary religious art and rock architecture gives the town of Lalibela a distinctively timeless, almost Biblical atmosphere. Yemrehane kiristos, Asheten Mariam, Nea’kuto Le’ab, Bilbala Giorgis, Bilbala Kirkos, Genete Mariam and Eme kina Medhane Alem are remarkable churches of different design surrounding the Holy Town of Lalibela. We always design tour in these noticeable sites. The life of the community in Lalibela is strongly associated with the churches. Physically the people live around them, economically the churches are the main source of income, and spiritually the community is belonging to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church.

The significance of the site is also expressed in the hagiography of Lalibela (Gedle Lalibela) as-
For anyone who visits those churches, it is as if he has seen the face of Jesus Christ.