Drobo Products Review

Why I made the switch to Drobo data storage products

Since starting my company in 2007, I have been required to save my photos, footage and information other than my computer. In the past, I’ve used Western Digital Passports and Lacie Rugged pushes. Although little and convenient for traveling, I had some drive failures. What happened to my Dominican Republic footage you ask? Well, let us just say all I’ve left of that trip are sunny memories.

Once the space is full, you must replace it, but in addition, it has failed me on although I have used a Lacie RAID push for storage in my workplace. I had learned about Drobo from many fellow and photographers travel bloggers. I did a little research and learned that Drobo is the only digital storage device in the world which allows you to save your data and enlarge it whenever you desire. Fundamentally, Drobo is a smart storage device which makes it nearly impossible to lose your info. Naturally, I was interested.

My first Drobo NAS

In 2012, I purchased a Drobo B800fs to consolidate my data into one machine, substituting my inefficient (and horribly labeled) stacks of hardy drives. I found it easy to use with my computer. Last summer, one of my hard drives failed and instead of losing my articles, my Drobo SAN spared daily. I managed to purchase a hard drive without losing a minute of footage and substitute it one week later.

How Drobo works

The Drobo B800fs hooks up easily to any computer interface and you may use any size (storage capacity) push you want. Each Drobo model carries a different variety of drives, based on what you are storing. Drobos are a convenient and reliable means to get your information. The Drobo B800fs is particularly user friendly. Once I’ve filled up each of the drives in my Drobo is replace the drive. Not one of my information will be affected because Drobo is smart enough to save it till I add a drive with more space. This is precisely the same technologies it uses if one of the hard drives occur to fail — it saves and spreads the data throughout the drives before I will replace the one.

Drobo calls this special technology BeyondRAIDä. This”protected state” is what attracts thousands of loyal customers to the Drobo brand. Drobo protects your data, although data storage is a technology issue with the NAS or SAN systems. Nobody likes losing data. Other RAID products eventually become permanently debilitated after they fail.

My newest addition

Because I wanted to have a way to save my work I have a Drobo Mini. I shoot a lot of video and images , plus I amass a load of contacts and media kit materials from companies, so it is vital that my data is protected. The thing about a Drobo Mini is the size! It unlike any of my equipment, doesn’t trigger annoying TSA searches and fits right into a backpack or carry-on suitcase. Drobo Mini is still a NAS or SAN however in a compact data storage form.


Q&A with Mario Blandini, VP of Marketing for Drobo


Why is DROBO different than other digital data storage devices out there?

Safety from hard drive failure is what sets RAID systems apart from external hard drives that are basic.  

Drobo Products Review

Today’s electronic media (your photos, memories) are very valuable, and protecting the initial copy Is Quite important.   Drobo is different compared to other RAID techniques by being much simpler to use while having the most powerful and innovative storage coverage anybody who knows a Drobo can be managed by traffic signals.


Why did DROBO opt to create the Mini?

>250,000 Clients Are using Drobo storage systems Because 2007, Together with the unique benefit of mixing and matching any capacity 3.5in hard drives for His or Her workstation or System storage.  

Those users asked Drobo to bring that same technology to a portable array they can take with them while traveling, so we made Drobo Mini about 2.5in portability and drives, while including the newest high-speed thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connections.


Who could benefit from having a DROBO Mini?

Anyone that’s currently developing a lot of memories or networking are going to want to protect these documents. Notebooks / ultrabooks have.   Drobo Mini allows anybody to store and edit all of their documents with certainty their data is protected, and readily take all with them wherever they go.


Drobo is for EVERYONE

Drobo Products Review

The truth is that every and any that has data may benefit from owning a Drobo. The Drobo Mini is a handy (and space-saving) machine ideal for many different things. Doctors, journalists, bloggers, photographers, producers and lawyers are only a handful of people who could benefit from owning an Drobo Mini.

Drobo Products Review

Tips for using the Drobo Mini

Summary of my Drobo review

Drobo has helped to streamline my data storage and recovery procedure. For travel industry professionals such as myself, it creates data storage simple, not to mention the continuous peace of mind one gets from realizing that Drobo is hard at work maintaining all their data protected and safe.