Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

– J. R. R. Tolkien

After five years of travel and meeting more people than I can count, I’ve had the chance to create connections with amazing journey experts, specifically bloggers and vloggers (video bloggers.) Our tasks may seem to a like the dream profession, but being on the street for weeks or even months at one time isn’t for everybody. It requires commitment, courage and a serious case of the insect. As it’s satisfying this area is demanding, and we have these committed travel-obsessed wanderers to encourage us to embark in our unforgettable journeys.

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

Here’s a list of the 12 travel bloggers that I think make this world just a tiny better, one trip, video, blog post and article at one time. Check them out for inspiration, specialist goods and advice. Have a pencil ready as your bucket list is about to get more…Satisfy with the top 12 traveling bloggers of 2012:

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

1. Pause the Moment

Region of expertise: Luxurious, adventure and budget traveling.

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

Bio: Ryan Gargiulo is a seasoned traveler and skilled writer/editor. His site has been named among the very finest in travel circles for its abundance of information, balancing along with the personable writing style of Ryan. Ryan is an adventure junkie of sorts. He’s currently on his adventure: a Pacific Coast bike tour. His blog posts are all inspirational and insulting. Ryan also documents his array of experiences through videos. He encourages all of us to break from our comfort zones. Ryan hasn’t the smallest intention to stop getting and is to 25 states.

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

2. Backpack with Brock

Area of expertise: Budget travel

Bio: Brock is really a inspirational, energetic force that got bit so hard by the travel bug, so he’ll likely never work a 9 to 5 again in his lifetime. Backpack with Brock is a resource that includes videos, blogs and image on Brock’s journeys. He reveals that you do not need to spend a fortune to have a wonderful trip. His nature will cause you to want to have your travel agent on speed dialup.

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

3. As We Travel

Region of expertise: Budget traveling, ski, travel as a couple.

Bio: Nathan and Sofia may travel with a restricted budget, but they playfully showcase the various things that they visit, taste and expertise across the world. From resort reviews to thoughts on food, the pair’s fervor for new encounters is contagious. Their website posts are concentrated, which makes their information distinctive and applicable. Their unpretentious, laid-back style is ideal for amateur and couples travelers who may not understand where to begin. Travel is also an excellent resource for ski aficionados- Nathan and Sofia are.

4. Expert Vagabond

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

Area of expertise: Adventure travel

Bio: Matthew Karsten is addicted to fresh, new experiences and that he is not ashamed to acknowledge it. His website features blog videos, pictures and posts from his fun-loving adventures around the world. This photographer-turned-traveler is dedicated to exploring the world indefinitely as he brings his ideas, hints and experiences that are personal to life with amazing photos and information. His work has been featured on CNN and the Travel Channel.

5. Everything Everywhere

Area of expertise: Adventure travel and travel advice

Bio: Gary Arndt is a one-man traveling machine. He has visited all 50 states, all the continents and more than 150 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. He is also quite busy on social networking. Gary thrives on cultural immersion. His website is stuffed with travel advice that was invaluable, private memoirs and photo documents. He is the recipient of various awards for his teachings, including honors from the North American Travel Journal Association , The awards, Lonely Planet along with National Geographic, just to mention a couple. His narrative is proof that it’s never too late to begin fulfilling your dream. Check out Gary’s website for an extensive directory of sites from all over the world.

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

6. Sonia’s Travels

Area of expertise: Travel episodes

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

Bio: Sonia Gil is a Miami native who is not happy with taking a passive stand when traveling. She reveals us all and makes it a point to delve directly in that we can also. Sonia’s take on travel is similar to the experience of learning a language- each word educates you a little more about a terminology as each place or person we encounter educates us. She started a language-learning software firm called Fluenz, which has not opened a brand new world for many others, but has motivated her to produce fun videos for us to enjoy.

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

7. Wandering Trader

Area of expertise: Budget travel, African travel

Bio: Marcello Arrambide was created in Venezuela and has been bouncing from one international destination to the next ever since. He currently teaches other people how to day trade through his other website Marcello honest site posts will cause you to feel as in the event you’ve known all your life to him. And let us be fair, is there a much better traveling tip than one from a friend? He has not traveled to, but has lived in 10 states across 4 continents. Marcello’s objective will be to help organize a trip.

8. Legal Nomads

Area of expertise: Gastronomy and Traveling philosophies

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

Bio: Jodi is a lawyer-turned-foodie from Montreal.

She’s collaborated on several travel-related posts for AOL Travel, Cosmopolitan Magazine Italia,, and Lonely Planet just to name a few. Jodi’s website is a useful resource for travelers alike together with travel advice, personal experiences, interviews and a lot of information about maximizing cultural experiences abroad. Another commendable motif in Jodi’s work is social awareness. She realizes that it is an important attribute for any modern traveler. You can say that her website has a”soul.” Is Thailand. Her posts concerning the culture and food of this country tend to be heartfelt and more inspirational as they can be useful.

 9. Positive World Travel

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

Area of expertise: Experience Traveling, traveling as a Few

Bio: Anthony Milotic and Elise Reeks are Australian natives who ditched their fantasies for a large house and conventional careers to set out on a world adventure together. The pair offer their subscribers money-saving tips testimonials and great travel ideas for couples. Being on the street have taught them a thing or 2 about preparing for excursions. Take a look at their invaluable methods for intelligent, efficient travel here. They touch on several topics such as travel insurance, even staying in shape while away from home, preventing getting tricked, and the way to safeguard your belongings and more.

10. Kick the Grind TV

Area of expertise: Videography and Photos Concerning Nature and Science

Bio: Mike Corey was to 31 states and has a zest for life and traveling that he beautifully captivates within his vibrant work. Scrolling though his records is similar to getting to know him and the places he’s visited. Mike’s movies come up close and windows into his most memorable experiences such as the time that he got a magic Buddhist tattoo. Fans can select the mind of Mike during his live stream Sunday broadcast sessions. All you need to do is ask! Cease the Grind is a site that will inspire you to get out there and picture the beauty that encompasses us all.

11. Go Backpacking

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

Area of expertise: Trip planning and how-to articles

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

Bio: David Lee is dedicated to the Craft of traveling.

He generates blog-style travel aids . For each country David rolls on public transportation, habits, the food and must-knows for anybody thinking. David generates gear reviews and guides for adrenaline junkies and backpackers, hikers alike. Proceed features various posts on survival ideas, budgeting costs while traveling, overcoming fears and the list continues. Practicality is David’s forte and we could all use a number of that!

12. Travelettes

Area of expertise: Women’s budget travel

Bio: The travelettes really are a team of 11 girls who’ve made it their mission to showcase just how one goes about”backpacking in heels.” Don’t let their motto that is apparently shallow throw off one. These girls are serious travelers who website and explore the best things to see and do in towns all over the world. Each travelette’s gifts to the website are different- although one is Europe, two others may be travel through Asia. Everybody shares their experiences so that others may hear from them. These girls form a team of hard working international correspondents that inspire and education. Talk about girl power!

“Twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

– Mark Twain

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012