Things to See and Do in Paphos, Cyprus

The Top 8 Sites in Cyprus, Paphos is an extraordinary spot for history fans to experience the wonders of historical Cyprus as previously mentioned in our article. The region is known because of being the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty, love and joy, in Greek mythology. The Paphos area from the southwest of Cyprus dates back into pre-historic times, which is evident from its cultural and historical attractions. It is also an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Petra Tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s Rock)

Things to See and Do in Paphos, Cyprus

Things to See and Do in Paphos, Cyprus

Acropolis & Odeon

Paphos is a more popular vacation destination, Nowadays. It features a nice, subtropical climate, with mild temperatures throughout the year. Paphos has approximately 27 beaches, with at least 12 awarded Blue Flag status because of cleanliness and their safety.

Things to See and Do in Paphos, Cyprus

Tomb of the Kings

To get a Genuine Flavor of the beauty and history of Paphos, Be time to See the four’must-see’ destinations:

Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

This rock is located just off the coast of Paphos. Greek mythology marks this as the site where Aphrodite emerged from the ocean, to start her own life as individual on earth. The ocean is a bit tough here, therefore not a good option for swimmingpool, but you may enjoy a view of the site at the tourist pavilion.

Built in the next century, this is among the most important archaeological sites in Cyprus. To this Odeon’s south lie on the remains of a temple to the God Of Medicine. There’s also an amphitheater that phases live performances.

This is a significant attraction in Paphos due to its size and condition. These tombs weren’t actually used to infect kings, but they’re certainly suitable for them. The site is a necropolis created from the solid rock. Each grave is different, but there is. It includes an open courtyard, columns and rooms.

This site homes impressively preserved mosaic tiles depicting scenes from Greek mythology. The mosaics pay 14 former chambers within a enormous region of nearly 5985 sq. ft. Considered to comprise some of the most intact and lovely historical mosaics from the Eastern Mediterranean, Paphos Mosaics is a”must” stop for anyone in Paphos. Each mosaic depicts something distinct, whether an act by a Greek god or goddess, a boon for the house, or even a scene out of a mythical narrative.

Things to See and Do in Paphos, Cyprus

These vital sites will give you a taste of history and their culture, that have shaped Paphos over time. They will also provide you with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the astounding natural beauty of the region.

Paphos was selected as a European Capital of Culture, if you are planning ahead. Paphos will host a year of events, highlighting the diversity and culture of the area.

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