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The city of Shillong, India is of a hidden jewel among mountains, the hills, and valleys of the state of Meghalaya. There are loads of things to see and do in Shillong, between its all-natural geography, its bustling markets, along with the culture and traditions of its people. It is a small city but exudes charm and warmth it is almost impossible not to be taken by its miracles.

Visit Iewduh Market


Shillong is even a city situated at a higher altitude than the nearby valley or plain, or a mountain station. The city lies in the middle of the Shillong Plateau and is surrounded by deserts, a few of which are revered by the Khasi tribe that is native. It’s the hilly, mountainous, and valley-ridden landscapes of the surrounding region that gave Meghalaya its own name, which translates to”Abode of the Clouds.” Additionally, it inspired the nation’s British nickname,”the Scotland of the East.”

Eat at Nat Khasi Restaurant


Along with its natural beauty, Shillong is a place for a few of the most delicious and distinctive food I’ve ever consumed in my journeys. It is a traveller’s paradise, except travelers do not even know about it. It is very much an gem that more people see and should know about. All these are the top 10 things.

Shop at Police Bazar

In Shillong to grab a bite to eat while shopping in Iewduh 21, hands down, among the best areas. The current market is also referred to as Bara Bazar, which translates to”enormous market,” and is composed of several smaller markets such as a foreign exchange market, beef marketplace, dry fish market, a poultry market, and much more.

Eat a Traditional Khasi Thali at Trattoria Restaurant

Vendors selling road food, household items such as loofahs and baskets, and even items and fish traps can be discovered inside Iewduh Market.

Top 10 Things

Admire the Perspective Atop Shillong Peak

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Eat Nighttime and Breakfast Street Food at Police Bazar

The sector consists of tight staircases that are bustling with activity and a labyrinth of narrow lanes. It is sensory overload at the best way. Keep your eyes and try to not miss anything!

Go to Elephant Falls

One is currently visiting men carrying bloody cow and pig carcasses on their shoulders down the lanes that are tight.

Eat a Dinner at a Local’s House

You can watch butchers hack and disassemble them once the carcasses are sent to the proper stall from the meat market section.

Stay at The Homestead B&B

It is a spectacle that is raw, real, and at times gory, so if you are sensitive to that kind of thing, I suggest steering clear. But if you’re able to stomach it, then seeing Iewduh Market is among the best things to see and do in Shillong.

Eat Spicy Naga Food at Naga Mandarin Restaurant

Be aware that cows aren’t thought to be sacred in this portion of India, as the great majority of the inhabitants of Meghalaya do not identify as Hindu. This means that they’re free to be consumed the other meat that’s extremely common in Meghalaya however uncommon in different areas of the nation, alongside pork.

Top 10 Things

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As you explore Iewduh Market to keep your energy up, grab a few rice cakes. Or, should you would rather have a complete meal, try out some authentic Khasi food at the eatery Nat Khasi Restaurant, at our next entry!

Just take a break from the flurry of activity of Iewduh Market and find Nat Khasi Restaurant next door to the orange industry. Once you enter into the restaurant, you will see that there are no tables. Simply put your order, grab an empty chair, and consume.

Meghalaya is known so I suggest going all out with a pork feast there. Start with the jadoh, pork dish and a rice that reminded me of a biryani.

Another classic Khasi dish that I recommend is the dohkhleh, which is similar to Russian salad with pork. This is one of my favourite dishes from my period in Shillong. It was so excellent!

Nat Khasi Restaurant’s pork liver is tasty and plump, and you have to try their pork gut sausage that is fantastic . Only a warning: some of these pork dishes contain bones, so be cautious whilst eating them.

Top 10 Things

Your meal will probably arrive with a chili along with a distinctive, fermented soybean chutney that’s packed with flavor if you are courageous enough!

Top 10 Things

The menu at Nat Khasi Restaurant will have you! There’s little doubt in my mind that eating there’s among the things to see and do in Shillong.

Pay a visit to the kitchen to see where your feast has been cooked, before you depart. You’ll see plenty of pots simmering over fires. The scents wafting from the baskets are tantalizing enough to make you hungry!

Hands down, one of the greatest things to see and do in Shillong is see Police Bazarand also the very hub in town. There, you’ll discover vendors selling street food, clothing, accessories, shoes, clean vegetables and fruit, household staples, and even more. This bazaar is vital to existence in Shillong; almost everybody who lives in town stores there.

It is also an excellent place to people watch and get a fantastic look at because Police Bazar is so popular with locals. Besides wineries tended by local sellers, Police Bazar can be home to several hotels and restaurants.

Top 10 Things

It is also among the best areas in Shillong to locate locally-made handicrafts, which are a few of my favourite items.

My friend and guide in Shillong, Paul, took me to a shop selling beautiful and made conventional Khasi shawls. Following a fair bit of bargaining (I highly recommend cleanup on your haggling skills until you pay a visit to the bazaar so it’s possible to get the finest and fairest prices), then I got a deal on four incredible shawls for all of the women in my family.

You will find tons of souvenir options at Police Bazar and do not be afraid to ask for a better deal in the event that you intend on buying a couple of items!

No visit to a brand new Indian city is complete without trying the local thali. One of the best areas to have a Khasi thali is a popular restaurant at Police Bazar, Trattoria.

The restaurant is pretty small and all the stalls face exactly the same direction, but do not let its size deceive you. Trattoria’s non-veg thali is superb and among the most unique I’ve ever had in India!

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Start with your jadoh, that is a Khasi rice with pork that is somewhat like paella or a risotto. Pork at the jadoh’s portions are rich and fatty, as are all of the steak dishes.

Shillong is certainly not the place for you to see if you are on a diet! Try the jadoh with the fermented soybean sauce, which then adds an earthiness that takes the jadoh to the next level as well as a layer of richness.

Pork salad , or the dohkhleh, is reminiscent of a salad with pork, onion, and potato. It is rich and fatty in a flavor that reminded me of ceviche. There’s also a mild and light dal mash and a mint chutney with a powerful punch to it!

I recommend the banana blossom chutney, which was like a mashed plantain. There are also a one together with pumpkin and two different potato dishes: a one with onion. They are both very tasty!

Do not lose out to the magnificent chicken curry, which was similar to an explosion of tastes in my stomach of Trattoria and the pork chunk. This curry alone makes eating to see and do at Shillong!

It was the star of this meal for me. I also could not get enough of the pieces of pork fat on my plate. They were like flavor bombs and were extremely juicy!

If you are more in the more sterile elements of the thali, it has a superbly refreshing tomato salad with green beans. I also loved the salad, which had texture and a flavor that reminds me of bamboo and was crunchy.

When I travel, among my favourite things to do is go to the local place so that I can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of town. In Shillong, the best views are at Shillong Peak, although usually that means moving to an observation deck.

Devote some additional time since the 10-kilometer route from the city to the mountaintop can get congested with traffic if you are on a tight program. Are worth every traffic jams that you may experience!

I awakened about the rear part of my pal to Shillong Peak and guide Paul’s scooter. The drive took about 15 minutes. Although India is mainly known as a steamy, tropical nation, remember that Meghalaya is mountainous and is at a high altitude, so make preparations in case it gets cold up there. Pack a sweater or hoodie just in case!

On the way around the peak, you might encounter a colorful Catholic graveyard, which reminds me of a volcano I had visited in Guatemala due to the colors that are vibrant. But the chief attraction is the peak itself.

In the lookout point atop Shillong Peak, you will enjoy magnificent views of the city outside and beneath. The scene and lush greenery reminded me of places I had visited in Europe.

Just like I did, even in the event that you visit on a day, it is still worth the time it takes to get up there. Visiting Shillong Peak is definitely one of the greatest things to see and do in Shillong!

Police Bazar is well-known because of its restaurants and good shopping. But what some tourists might not know is that it is also among the best spots in the city. The only thing is, you have to get there at certain times of the day to appreciate them.

Early risers looking for breakfast should navigate the stalls to get a few sabzi. This dish consists of a deflated puri (a crispy, puffed-up flatbread) along with also an amazing-looking squash sabzi with onion.

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It is tender and soft on the inside, while the puri is crispy on the surface. It is a must-have and also goes with the crunch of the onion and the oily sabzi!

Another breakfast food thing is the favorite Khasi pork salad known as dohkhleh. Eat it alongside some tender, plus some yummy and gelatinous pork fat, which tastes like bacon and juicy meatballs with a flatbread called chapati. The meatballs are from this world!

Top 10 Things

I highly recommend looking for the chicken thigh, which comes wrapped in a mind boggling curry, the jadoh, along with also the bamboo shoots with chilies. There’s also a dried, roasted beef curry that tastes much like a beef jerky!

You can not miss the pitha, and it is a sweet rice patty with sugar and coconut. It’s filling and sweet and makes breakfast at Police Bazar one to see and do in Shillong. Do not pass up the egg yolk with onions and chilies, either. It is a near-perfect breakfast thing and contains the perfect quantity of spice!

Finish your breakfast off at Police Bazaar with a cup of chai! This creamy, spice-filled, tea-based beverage is just one of my favorites however I didn’t see a lot of it during my period at Assam and Meghalaya. While you are in Shillong, get some there!

Street food is large in Meghalaya as it is in different parts of India, and will only be seen at nighttime. After having breakfast in Police Bazar, make sure you double back to try out the dinner offerings that are sensational there!

Top 10 Things

I recommend beginning with the barbecued chicken drumsticks that are juicy and crispy. They won’t be hard to miss; you will discover them sizzling on grills with orange flames dancing around them!

Top 10 Things

They come with onions and chutney . Every bite of this tender meat is infused with sour. The fattiness of this chicken makes it even better along with the chutney takes it to a new level. You have to try out this chicken!

The grilled and pork stomach is. It is very fatty and is served charred. Despite the char, it is quite juicy! Try it with a few chutney and ginger for an extra flavor boost. It is the best barbecued pork I’ve ever had!

I recommend looking for the chicken momos, which are essentially chicken dumplings. The pulled chicken interior is moist and tender. The momos arrive to this fantastic mix of contrasting textures.

Some of the food within this part of India is affected by cuisine, chow, such as the next dish you have to attempt. This dish consists with chicken and onion. It is quite tasty on its own, but should you will need like that I did a hot kick, blend in a few chili sauce. This dish has been fairly like Thai glass noodles!

The final dish you have to try on your night food excursion of Police Bazar is a Indian form of an undercover fried rice dish known as nasi goreng. This variant of nasi goreng comprises chicken instead of the more customary fish, although fish glue is utilized.

It’s served with mixed vegetables, crispy prawn chips, along with a fried egg, all of which make an combination of textures and tastes that had my mouth watering from your first bite. It is among my fried rice dishes of all time and eating a few is easily one of the things to see and do at Shillong!

There’s a very good reason why British imperial authorities recognized Meghalaya”the Scotland of the East” if they arrived in the region during the British Raj. The lush, green landscapes, erupting using valleys nestled between them with mountain peaks, reminded them.

Another hallmark of Scotland is its waterfalls. And like Scotland, Meghalaya boasts a few falls such as Elephant Falls, situated in Upper Shillong about 12 km away from the city.

Formerly known by their Khasi title, Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew (“Three Measures Waterfalls”), Elephant Falls were so renamed by the British due to a rock on the left side of the main falls that resembled a wolf. The title has stuck even without it, although that rock was destroyed in an earthquake in 1897.

Top 10 Things

Elephant Falls is composed of 3 tiers that can be readily accessed with a staircase, followed by a gentle walking course. In the road, as the water crashes on the rocks beneath, it is easy to view each tier and watch the steam-like spray rise into the atmosphere. The falls are magnificent! Seeing them is definitely one of the things to see and do in Shillong.

Top 10 Things

I am a big proponent of solo journey. It forces you to adapt and immerse yourself in the culture of the areas you makes it possible to develop in ways you never believed possible and see.

When I travel solo, I’d love to make connections with natives who can serve as my guide until I arrive at the nation so I get the very”local” experience possible. And there’s not anything more local or immersive than being served a conventional, salty meal and being encouraged into a brand new friend’s house.

I had my driver, Dickie and that experience in Meghalaya if a fantastic friend of my guide Paul, Jordan, encouraged us . It was a welcoming and friendly gesture I won’t ever forget for as long as I live. Jordan’s mother whipped up an exceptional Khasi feast for individuals who contained a number of dishes that I hadn’t seen.

Top 10 Things

In the mincemeat beef patty to the chewy, Angus-like dried beef to the tender and fatty pork with curry, I was in Khasi food paradise that day. I liked an wonderful meal and even better dialogue with my friends. That, in my experience, is what travel is all about.

Take them up to their supply, Should you ever get invited whilst travel. It is really a beautiful experience and is close to the top of my list of things to see and do at Shillong.

Another thing when I journey, that I do is stay at places that give a feel for the local flavor to me. That means eschewing hotels in favor of Airbnbs, homestays, and other homey accommodations where I would have total independence.

The lodging with a home-like texture in Shillong is Your Homestead B&B, also a building only 10 minutes from the Police Bazaar.

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The homestead includes five rooms and a cottage, as well as a rooftop hut where foods can be eaten by you. Due to its location right across from St. Anthony’s College and just minutes away from Police Bazaar, it is in a fine location for guests looking to explore many sites around town.

The construction features a lot of plants and a terrace on level 2. In the seating on the terrace, you can enjoy some fresh air as you work or look out at the street below.

The units are essentially studio flats. My unit on level two included a bedroom with two comfortable bedrooms and also a flat screen TV. Elsewhere in the unit are all a clean marble bath, clothing racks, and cabinets with ample living space and drawers for your clothing, and photographs of locations around Meghalaya around the walls. Each unit also has WiFi, which is important for me since I need it!

The Assam-style cottage on the home features a master bedroom with a king-sized bed plus a bath, a huge living area with 12-foot-high walls plus a kitchen, plus a smaller bedroom and bath.

Best of all is friendly and super nice and made my stay there as comfortable and memorable as possible. Stay at The Homestead B&B if you come to Shillong. Laying your mind there is among the things to see and do in Shillong!

As a foodie, there aren’t many things I love more than getting a taste of authentic, regional cuisine once I travel. On my last night in Meghalaya, my friend Paul took me to find Naga food. It is among the greatest things and was to see and do in Shillong!

When you attempt Naga food, you discover that it contains plenty. Take a look at the gift shop as well as the photographs of tribespeople out of Nagaland on the walls, If you arrive at Naga Mandarin Restaurant.

Top 10 Things

I suggest sitting down and ordering the Mini Naga meal, which consists of dried bamboo shoots rice, pork potatoes, veg that is pulled, soup, and 2 chutneys, then smoked fish curry. A word of warning before you purchase: This meal is completely fiery, so you might want to bypass this one if you are not into extreme heat!

The warmth from your pork and bamboo shoot curry is quite potent. The pork is tender and smoky also contains a whole lot of fat. Try it with the rice to get a flavor combination that is wonderful. The sea salt chutney and fish chutney are both very sexy, as are all the berries, which also comprise chilies, onions, and a lot of herbs.

The soup advised me of miso soup and is made out of fermented soybeans that had a Chinese flavor profile. It is quite excellent! The smoked fish curry is great but contains lots of little bones, so it wasn’t my favorite.

A dish that I will recommend–at least for spice diehards like me–is the beef chutney, that is as yummy as it is hot! It might have been a little extreme for me, as it had my lips and tongue burning for quite a while later! Make sure you combine it with the rice and eat the provided cucumbers between snacks to calm down the heat. Try your mouth fresheners, Should you need relief after that!

If you’re able to deal with the heat, go have a meal at Naga Mandarin Restaurant. It is among the greatest things to see and do because of this in Shillong!

I had face massage and my very first Indian haircut at the city of Kolkata in November of 2018. It blew my mind. As soon as I returned five weeks later to visit with Assam and Meghalaya, I understood I had to replicate the experience.

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This time, I Seen King City Gents Saloon at the Muda Shopping Complex.

The I experienced there was next level and is among the best things to see and do at Shillong.

My barber was a whole pro. I asked to get a skin care and it is exactly what I got. The best thing about the pet experience is the fact that it is all-encompassing it is and extremely inexpensive for how comprehensive. It only cost me $6 or $7 U.S., a far cry from the 25 I would cover the same haircut at home in Miami.

But the actual feast started with the massage, which cost me a little over $500, or even an extra 500 rupees. I had a lot of pressure from the recent traveling I had done in my head, so that I wanted it. The barber massages it into your skin vigorously and then lathers your face with a generous quantity of lotion. It is so relaxing, so I almost fell asleep.

Top 10 Things

After ten minutes of allowing the lotion sit, the barber steams your face and removes the creamyou’ve had there. He ends up by wiping it away and spraying on your head with water. It actually opens your pores and cause you to feel refreshed.

It’s possible to leave it if you want or you could keep on with a human massage. With an extreme massage from your spine, which I needed after carrying heavy equipment around on my back for days ahead, the barber will start with the entire body massage.

That is followed by the barber up by twisting your arms, then massaging your palms and hands, and ultimately, finishing up by having your shoulders and massaging. It is very extreme but you’re feeling refreshed and really good after he is finished!

The best thing about the pet experience is the fact that it only costs $6 or $7 U.S. total for the haircut, facial massage, and body massage. A haircut would cost me $25. For all of my male travelers out there, when you go to Shillong, quit by King City Gents Saloon for the haircut experience on the planet. It is among the best things to see and do in Shillong and it will never be forgotten by you!

Whether you go to Shillong looking for beautiful all-natural wonders shopping, exceptional experiencesconventional food, or a little of everything, you are going to discover it there. The people are friendly and kind and the gorgeous landscapes will blow you apart. It’s among my favourite places I visited and there is no doubt in my head that it will be one of yours. Today, book a trip to Shillong!

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