When You are in Pattaya, then Enjoy Some Emotional-appeal Places

Whenever you are spending a Thailand Honeymoon Trip or just a tour with your friends in Pattaya, do not only watch the lady-boy show, there are interesting and places that are affective await for your own discover! It is time for the writer to reveal a magical face in Pattaya!

Best 1 Tea Factory

Most of restaurants and hotels in Pattaya (even the whole Thailand) relying on the sights of seaside to deliver some features for their own. When you are in Pattaya, pamper yourself to find more special places, like Tea Factory. The Tea Factory has moved another style – featured by American and European gardens’ architecture and assembled a exceptional place where places afternoon tea, restaurants and boutiques within a body, all of which makes the Tea Factory are out of the ordinary in the main road of South Pattaya.

The construction of the Tea Factory is so unique that you help paying attention. Glass rooms surround the building. From the outside, the glass wall that is entire reflects the surrounding plants, without being warmed and you are in the room as if in a garden – layout.

Best 2 A La Campagne Restaurant

This western-style restaurants has dining surroundings that is open, and it looks like a tasteful backyard throughout the day, looks like a romantic northern Thai village in the jungle throughout the evening. This restaurants blends the options of western and Thai meals and Thai style.

On the desk, dinning tools were put at a rattan woven basket, which resembles our childhood, but more delicate and tasteful. When you purchase a Thai delicacies and in the author’s expression, there are couple dishes that are memorable – desserts and fry fried shrimp cakes are ideal.

Best 3 The Glass House Beach front Bar & Restaurant

You can enjoy soft-sandy shore, European-style glass house widen and comfortable sofa below the parasol, and also the ocean view from the distance. I am certain you will fall just must walk a circle .

Best 4 The Sky Garllery – the best cliff view restaurants

The food is not amazing the corner of the bay’s privacy. But the cliffs of this Sky Garllery is high enough, the field of vision is wide enough, the seawater appears more blue. When the weather is good, the scenery makes you more excited. Even if you’re not plan to have dinner here, you can have a sit and feel the touch of sea breeze and feel the beauty of Pattaya’s infrequent sea and sky. It warrants.

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