VIDEO: Insane Indian Street Food at Suriname + Traveling to BrownsMountain | Suriname

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Following 36 hours on beautiful Isadou Island on in the interior of Suriname, it had been time for me to leave and start the next leg of my adventure! Come along with me and my boy Imro as we visit the BrownMountain area and try some crazy street foods along the way!

VIDEO: Insane Indian Street Food at Suriname + Traveling to BrownsMountain | Suriname

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My latest adventure in Suriname began with me kicking back and relaxing in the hammock outside of the bungalow. My time with this island blew my mind. In the previous 36 hours, I had trekked through the jungle, then searched through the nighttime for caiman, swam in the lake, seen with the local villageout, chilled, and more!

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I’d find some breakfast have a boat ride up and head straight back into Brownsweg today.

I met back up with Imro from Jenny Tours to find a village breakfast. We got coffee, grapefruit, berries, eggs, cucumber, bread, cheese, and some carrots. I got everything except the banana and pineapple. The eggs had yolk that is hardly any inside them and the tomatoes were super fresh. I adored them! I created a tiny sandwich pocket using a slice of cheese, the eggs, bread, and tomatoes.

Following breakfast, I grabbed the paddle I led out and bought in the village of Jaw Jaw the previous afternoon and my back pack. I had a lot of equipment and clothes, so Imro needed to help me. I said goodbye to the sailors that were amazing and we loaded my luggage into the boat. You may protect your luggage and yourself by the water using some plastic.

We continued Beyond Jaw Jaw, through the rapids, toward Atjoni.

VIDEO: Insane Indian Street Food at Suriname + Traveling to BrownsMountain | Suriname

It would take 30 minutes because we’d be vacationing with the current. The lake has been calm. In route, we saw some red hen monkeys and squirrel monkeys leaping from tree.

After 30 seconds, we arrived back into Atjoni. I was hungry! We return to Imro’s automobile. I purchased two of these and found someone. I then met a woman selling some insane street foods: mango chutney and some wheat vada!

The mango chutney was hot and tasty! It rivaled some. It had a delicious, African twist and has been super fluffy. It was unbelievable! I asked for some mango chutney for the last few snacks. It was great and so creamy! Plus it only cost me about $1 USD. Indian street food is the best!

We bought some water in the grocery store. We had about an hour’s drive before we reached Brownsweg. I hoped to see some wildlife along the way. I tried to find some cash but it would not give some cash to me. One had worked for me so far! I suggest getting cash out to pull cash out. You receive the best exchange rate like that.

After 30 seconds, we quarries and hadn’t seen except some logging and several huts. There was lots of green bush. We arrived in Brownsweg to head until the BrownsMountain Region!

I hope you appreciated coming in Isadou Island into Brownsweg with me as some insane Indian street foods tries! Please give this movie a thumbs up and also make a comment under, if you did. Please subscribe to my YouTube station so you don’t miss some of my forthcoming travel/food experiences!

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