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A visit to the town of Amritsar is a feast for the senses. Of the many things to see and do in Amritsar, immersing yourself into every adventure that comes your way is essential. This town, located only 15 kilometers east of the Pakistani border in the state of Punjab, is the nation’s largest. Founded in 1577 by the Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das, Amritsar is a center for trade culture, and transport. However, Amritsar is probably best known for being the holiest city on earth from the Sikh religion.

Buy Conventional Sikh Clothing to your Golden Temple Visit

Top 10 Things

From the minute I landed at Amritsar, I was taken by how warm and friendly the locals were. While waiting in the airport on my Uber ride, I met with a bunch of Sikh men who were kind enough to gift me my own turban. Length of generosity and kindness like this are not isolated incidents in Amritsar.

Go to The Golden Temple

The town has a relaxing and friendly energy on it that you need to experience to understand. Combine that with dynamic food and mesmerizing religious and cultural sites, and you have the recipe for a memorable trip. All these are the top 10 things.

Try Punjabi Street Food

Unless you’ve seen its holy Golden Temple you haven’t truly experienced Amritsar. However, what people might not know is that there is a dress code and you need to pay your head. Fortunately, are shops throughout the city at which you can purchase everything you’ll need.

Visit Old Amritsar

For male travelers, I strongly suggest buying a conventional shirt. I moved with a dark shirt and black pants. For the turban, I seen with another store where I could either lease a turban for 80 rupees or purchase it for 300. I decided to purchase mine, as it’d make a wonderful souvenir to take home. I went with a orange turban. There were a lot of men wearing the color around the city and it would pop against my all-black outfit!

Eat 100-Year-Old Punjabi Street Food in Kesar P Dhaba

I advise you allow someone working in the store to assist you with your own turban. They start by tightly wrapping your mind with a fabric similar to a’do-rag. It’s an experience that’s comparable to getting a head massage! From that point, they make it look quite good and all wrap the turban. I completed the look with a silver bangle in my wrist along with my brand new friends explained”David Singh!” Now I was dressed, it was time to visit the temple!

Stop by a Jallianwala Bagh Memorial

Also known as Darbar Sahib and the Harmandir Sahib, The Golden Temple is a place of Home and Gathering of worship known as a gurudwara.

Top 10 Things

The Golden Temple receives over 100,000 visitors and is the most most holy and most significant gurudwara in Sikhism.

Watch the Attari Wagah Flag Ceremony

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Eat at Sarhad Restaurant

The Golden Temple was built in 1589 but has been rebuilt several times after attacks headed by Mughal and Afghan armies in 1762 and 1757. The complex had been rebuilt as recently after the destruction caused during an Indian action . The complex’s sanctum was overlaid with gold foil by 1830.

See Durgiana Temple

There is almost no solution for words to perform the Golden Temple justice. It’s already a breathtaking website, with its gilded turrets and domes and elaborate architecture. Before you enter, you wash your hands and feet and must take your shoes off.

Top 10 Things

Eat a Punjabi Thali

The view you get of the temple as you approach is mesmerizing. You can feel that this is a particular place with a gorgeous mystique on it.

After you pay a go to to the langar , or kitchen of the temple, that feeling intensifies. It’s the largest kitchen on earth and is available 24 hours. Here, volunteers make cook vats of maa ki dal, roti, chickpea chole, a dessert and more.

Thousands of people are served at a dining area, and everything cleans . Most of all, everyone is considered equal, regardless of position. There is nothing but love and approval here and you’ll be able to feel it from the atmosphere. I could not help but get emotional after my adventure that is beautiful there.

Visit the Golden Temple.

Not only is it gorgeous to check at, it exudes a beauty that can not be quantified with words. It is, without a doubt, among the things to see and do in Amritsar. And it’ll change your entire life.

The town boasts a vast selection of delicious street foods that had my mouth watering at the entire time I had been there, although Amritsar is probably best known for its cultural attractions! The Punjabi street food here is rich and tasty and a lot of it’s dripping with butter and cheese, so it might not be the town to see if you are on a diet!

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The flatbread known is strongly recommended by me. It’s crispy and exceptionally buttery, and is best enjoyed with dishes like tamarind sauce along with chole masala. For a few of Amritsar kulcha, go to with Pehalwan Kulcha Shop and receive the type. It is not super spicy, but is packed with taste!

Top 10 Things

Include a cottage cheese dish that also includes a masala that is key and vegetables, paneer bhurji. The dish is creamy and heavy and served with bread and mint chutney. It’s similar to eggs scrambled with butter, except there are not any eggs in it! Head over to Tara Chand from Old Amritsar to receive a flavor of this heavenly (and fattening) dish.

One of my preferred techniques is by simply downing a glass of a milky, yogurt-like drink. It’s the national drink in India, along with an version are located in Gian Di Lassi. Here, hand makes the lassi and is topped with a dollop of cream and butter. It’s just like a thick, decadent, and fatty milkshake. You need to try out this one, if you like lassis or milkshakes. It’s amazing!

Top 10 Things

Travelers looking to find a sense for that which Amritsar is about should pay a visit. In addition to the buttery and cheesy joys at Tara Chand, you can even locate several bazaars. These bazaars sell various products, including fabric, utensils, jewelry, and much more, and have existed for more than a hundred years!

Please notice that the market roads are narrow, so be sure as you surf the hundreds of shops on each side of you to move them down gradually. Among the most sights in Old Amritsar is a banyan tree that has a small temple.

Top 10 Things

Since the tree is holy, its limbs are not cut or trimmed. Its branches really grow into and through nearby buildings! It’s really a sight to behold and leaves seeing with Old Amritsar among the greatest things to see and do in Amritsar.

If you just eat at the same location also make it Kesar de Dhaba. The recipes in this restaurant have been passed down from generation to generation for more than a hundred years.

I had the joy of seeing with the kitchens where the magic occurs and observed its own food that is iconic is prepared by the cooks. I threw my body in to stirring a vat of maa ki dal!

However, as enjoyable as it had been to visit the kitchen, joining my friends Deepak and Sam from the seating place to try Kesar de Dhaba’s delicious Punjabi cuisine was the real highlight.

The dal was the best I’ve ever had and was both earthy and sweet, with a great quantity of fat. In addition, I suggest purchasing the palak paneer, kulcha, along with carrot curry. The palak paneer is loaded with tender spinach along with the carrots were fairly fiery, so you might choose to bypass it if you are not into spice.

Overall, is a good reason Kesar de Dhaba is considered a mythical Amritsar eatery: its own food is fantastic. Make a cease there, get comfy, and get ready to have taste buds!

Sam and I passed by a Jallianwala Bagh memorial as I made my way in the turban store into the Golden Temple. This one wasn’t the most important memorial at the neighborhood backyard, but rather a monument that stood in the midst of a street. Deepak, our friend from Amritsar Walking Tours, explained that it commemorates the approximately civilians that were killed by members of the Indian Army at Amritsar in 1919.

The incident, known as the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, took place. That particular day was a holy day to Sikhs, that celebrated it since Vaisakhi Day. Cases of the victims can be located round the ministry’s foundation.

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Visiting the memorial was a look in a horrific moment in this town’s history as well as a reminder of how far it’s arrived. The massacre and its aftermath have been believed by historians to be a decisive step toward the end of British rule in India. Even if you just spend a couple of minutes in the memorial, it’s still among the greatest things to see and do in Amritsar, and you won’t repent it.

Top 10 Things

The border is located only 15 kilometers west of Amritsar. At the border, you’ll find the village of Attari, which lies directly across in the village of Wagah. There, you can witness a service that should not be missed the Attari Wagah Flag Ceremony, under any conditions.

This world-famous ceremony takes place daily between 5 o’clock and 5:30 p.m. at a huge stadium. At the start of the service, the audience passes a gigantic Indian flag overhead.

Top 10 Things

From that point, the lowering of the flags service begins. It’s noted for its exercises that are performed by the security forces of the countries. The exercises are known for their dancelike motion and brassy leg bends. It’s intended to symbolize both the brotherhood and competition between the two countries.

Top 10 Things

You can truly feel the pride derives from either side of the stadium during the service. The energy from the audience is electric and there’s a lot to take in.

The audience chants enthusiastically as the music blares and frequently cries and the exercises take place in the center of the stadium. It had been such a unique experience easily, and I won’t ever forget among the things to see and do in Amritsar.

NOTE: Remember to carry your passport with you when you see the ceremony. You might not be permitted inside without them. I had been let in with my photo ID after forgetting mine, but bring both just to be safe.

Don’t return to Amritsar yet, after experiencing the Attari Wagah Flag Ceremony. You’re just in time to get dinner in the nearby Sarhad Restaurant (or Border Restaurant), where you can enjoy a few food that is authentic.

Top 10 Things

It’s tough to go wrong here, but I suggest looking for ka kebab and also the chicken seekh kebab. The chicken resembles a chicken along with the dahi ka kebab is a fried potato fritter with indoors. Try them with the mint chutney!

In addition, I suggest looking for the fall-off-the-bone and succulent tender mutton flavorful and curry chicken curry. Have them with the glorious naan, Lahori naan, also Peshawari naan of Sarhad. I can not praise those curries enough. They are excellent and you need to try them to know exactly how incredible they are.

Top 10 Things

Finish your meal with an biscuit-based dessert named Lahori Kahlifa Khatai. It has a spoonful of vanilla ice cream and is drizzled with khalifa syrup. It’s nutty and sweet, with plenty of contrasting textures and tastes.

Top 10 Things

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Top 10 Things

The khalifa syrup tastes much like chocolate. I didn’t actually realize until guide Japneet and my friend told me it wasn’t chocolate!

There are, Even though the Golden Temple of Amritsar receives a great deal of attention and the glory.

One of them is Durgiana Temple, which also goes by the Titles Durga Tirath, Sitla Mandir, Also Lakshmi Narayan Temple.

Even though the temple strongly looks like the Golden Temple at first glance, there are a lot of gaps that are important.

Unlike the Golden Temple, which will be really a Sikh house of worship, Durgiana Temple is a Hindu temple. It was constructed in 1921.

Until you pass through the doors, which are very intricate and made from 26, Much like the Golden Temple, you need to remove your shoes. Inside, you’ll discover idols of those deities Lakshmi and Vishnu, as well as.

While the Golden Temple sees a flow of thousands of people throughout the afternoon, Durgiana Temple was calm and complimentary of audiences when I seen. It’s a great place to learn and experience about the Hindu religion.

I recommend taking some time to walk the boardwalk to acquire photographs and views of the temple along. Not only can it be one of the highest things to see and do in Amritsar, it’s also an excellent place to relax and feel at peace.

If you’re a foodie you can’t see Amritsar without needing at least one Punjabi thali. Among the greatest places is a famed veg restaurant named Bharawan Da Dhaba, which has been available since 1912.

A thali is really a huge platter that is composed of diverse dishes that are paired with rice, either breads, or sometimes both depending on the area. This authentic Punjabi thali contained rice, a few naan , and a paratha , and it was a change after having rice or just bread in the past Indian cities I’d visited.

Top 10 Things

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Top 10 Things

The daal that is sweet and earthy is exceptional along with the boondi raita was a refreshing and creamy contrast to the hot naan. Among the highlights of this thali was the paneer, which arrived and needed a heat that snuck up on me subsequently. I can not overlook the chickpea chole, which I returned to again and again and mixed with the rice.

This thali was and is a mixture of southern and northern thalis. You need to see Bharawan Da Dhaba if you love good food in general, or merely thalis. It’s easily among the greatest things to see and do in Amritsar. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

Top 10 Things

Amritsar is a city where love for your fellow person and energy can be felt at every turn. The culture here’s a gorgeous thing to see in action and it’s made all the better if you can enjoy stunning sites and fantastic food while immersing yourself.

This is a town that I believe everyone should see at least once in their life. Thus, do yourself a favor and book a visit to Amritsar!

Top 10 Things

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