VIDEO: Northern Territory’s Amazing Wildlife

David’s Been Here is touring all of the top websites and biggest attractions in the Northern Hemisphere of Australia. In this movie, David brings us to the greatest concentration of saltwater crocodiles in the whole world: home into the Adelaide River. These animals have among the bite forces of any creature and are around 230 […]

VIDEO: A Walk Through Ancient Vitoria

David’s Been Here is at the Basque Country of Spain, touring the historic and beautiful Town of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Join David as he gets a glimpse behind the scenes from this town’s 13thCentury Santa Maria Cathedral. Despite its renovations, both crew and David head inside to find some more information on this church that is interesting […]

Drobo Products Review

Why I made the switch to Drobo data storage products Since starting my company in 2007, I have been required to save my photos, footage and information other than my computer. In the past, I’ve used Western Digital Passports and Lacie Rugged pushes. Although little and convenient for traveling, I had some drive failures. What […]

Best 12 Travel Bloggers of 2012

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J. R. R. Tolkien After five years of travel and meeting more people than I can count, I’ve had the chance to create connections with amazing journey experts, specifically bloggers and vloggers (video bloggers.) Our tasks may seem to a like the dream profession, but being on […]

VIDEO: Simple Residing in Tubagua Republic

David’s Been Here gifts the ultimate escape destination: Tubagua of the Dominican Republic. Twenty minutes outside of Puerto Plata, venture up into the verdant, tropical hills of the Dominican at which you can delight in diminished lifestyle & a simple. From the basic sleeping quarters into the hammocks and lounge places – you receive an […]

5 Things to Watch in Kandy, Sri Lanka

One hundred and twenty nine km northeast of Colombo lies Kandy. Historically called Sri Lanka’s”hilly city,” Kandy is readily accessed by car via the Colombo-Kandy Road. Kandy called Senkadagalapura, served as the previous capital of Sri Lanka’s last monarchy that lasted before agreeing to rule in 1815. Arthur Seat Kandy Lake Unlike the island’s west […]

Things to See and Do in Paphos, Cyprus

The Top 8 Sites in Cyprus, Paphos is an extraordinary spot for history fans to experience the wonders of historical Cyprus as previously mentioned in our article. The region is known because of being the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty, love and joy, in Greek mythology. The Paphos area from the southwest of […]